Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve Services

Reserve manager distributing educational material to fishermen

Reserve manager monitoring turtle nest
The primary role of the marine reserve staff is to conduct patrols to enforce the marine reserve and fisheries regulations.

The staff are also involved in monitoring reef health, the status of the commercial species (especially lobster and conch), and the spawning aggregation site at Northeast Point. More recently they have become involved in monitoring sea turtles, including nesting activity and conducting in-water surveys.

Outreach and education are also important roles of the reserve staff. In carrying out surveillance and patrols, they are continually engaging fishermen and using this opportunity to educate them on the fisheries regulations, distributing flyers with the necessary information.

The staff are also involved in regular contact with the caye residents and resort owners on the atoll, providing information about the marine reserve, distributing copies of the reserve brochure to these stakeholders as well as tourists and visitors. They collect entrance fees on a routine basis.

Reserve staff on patrol Reserve biologist monitoring lobster population

Other activities involve the installation and maintenance of boundary marker and mooring bouys.